Welcome to The Developist

The site is dedicated to the making of a semi and fully automated film processing system. (‘The Developist’)

I enjoy using film and develop my own, but I found keeping track of agitation times and temperatures can be a bit troublesome without expensive kit. That’s why I started out to make a ‘helper’ to aid in the process. In 2018 I completed a semi-automated version.

The ‘Prototype’ in all it’s glory

As of Dec 2019 it will now turn into a fully automated developer, but in the mean time feel free to browse the Build Diary, my random rants about cameras I own and in general I hope you, like me are into Analog/Film photography for the fun of it. I have done a basic guide on building a semi-automated system in the menu above.

I try not to be too serious about the subject. I find this is what ruins ‘hobbies’ and I try to stay clear of all the other ‘pretentious’ crap that can also come along with alot of ‘Analog Photographers’

*Now featured on PetaPixel and The Phoblographer sites!*

(It was on lomography as well, but they deleted all old articles!)

I’m overjoyed that the project has been featured on PetaPixel, thephoblographer  Check out the pages!