You can still buy MJU II’s cheap

You can still buy MJU II’s cheap

To the casual observer, this camera blog/page may seem like an MJU fan page. I assure you it’s not!, I just seem to stumble upon them a lot.

I think it would be fair to say that maybe the Developist is slowly turning into an MJU repair shop.

It’s about taking a chance, place your bets now

To say that 2020 has been a weird and different year for most people would be an understatement. During the year, most of my hobbies have took a back seat, and work and home schooling became the main focuses.

Things haven’t got back to normal as of September, but a new normal, and increasing colder weather has brought me more indoors, and thus my addiction to browsing ebay listings seems to have come back with vengeance.

Anyway, browsing the camera listings, you can still find the odd-gem. As normal, MJU 2’s seem to be holding in price around the £150 mark. There are always the loons and greedy sods wanting more, but unless your a collector, it is wise to ignore these.

I’ve looked through enough listings of them now to know when a ‘spares and repairs’ one is probably fixable or not worth the bother.

In short, if it says the lens is stuck, this is probably an easy fix. If it says it wont load film, or just shoots and doesn’t wind on or only winds on when the cover is retracted, tread carefully as these won’t be worth fixing most times. Remember these are 30 year old plastic cameras with complex electronics (well for the 90s).

Anyway, surely enough, one came up simply stating the lens was stuck, for sale Buy it Now or Best offer for £55. I would never risk this amount, but I offered £35 and the seller accepted.

3 days later it arrived, battery door clip broke (luckily supplied) which wasn’t mentioned grrrr. BUT, I put a battery in, and it fired straight up. WIN!

Some rough testing confirmed there was sod-all wrong with it

I then did my routine check, where I walk around taking empty shots, making sure the lens extends to different lengths for how close subjects are. I then proceed to open the camera door, and sticking my eye close to the inside lens (not touching!),you then take a few test shots in different lights, and test the aperture is working. (The reason I say don’t buy ones that state they take a picture then don’t wind on until the cover is moved is that they sometimes give the impression they are taking photos fine, but then the aperture and focal length never changes, so this is as good as dead.)

The camera, barring the door was perfect. Everything works. No idea why he listed it as faulty, maybe just a dud battery, or being battered about in the post rejigged the lens. Who knows but at this point, my interest in photography has resurged, so I think I’ll keep it for the time being, rather than just selling on for a profit.

Currently working through a roll of FP4 in it. (My film stocks are low) so will post some images soon.