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A false start – New Beginning

A false start – New Beginning

During the past month or so, as with all projects, life got in the way and more important things made it to the front of the DIY/Job list. When I finally got back on this project, a few things started to dawn on me.

Firstly, the idea of the project is to have it slowly evolving into a fully automated system, but with a Semi-Automated companion ‘product’ that anyone with some tech knowledge can build fairly easily. This ‘companion’ would work with any dev process as you can manually change the coding, and work with any waterbath, manual or electronic.

In my previous post, I mentioned I was going to use a ‘retex’ retro-style box to house everything in. After a few realisations, mentioned below it soon become apparent that my ‘house everything in a small box’ idea just wasnt going to work. More importantly, waiting for fancy printed parts, and cutting plastics etc was massivley slowing the whole thing down. I just wanted to have this up and running before the summer of 2018 as I want to start dev’ing some c41 at home without having to worry about agitations and glass thermometers etc.

Real World Realisations

  • The machine wasn’t going to fit in the little box
  • Having 1 arduino doing everything massively complicates the coding
  • I wanted to keep the code side simple, for myself and anyone building it
  • Having a more ‘basic’ build method would massively speed up prototyping
  • Once the machine is finished, I can work on fancy housings
  • Once I’ve ran the machine for the summer, I can improve, work towards fully automated dev in the winter.
Looks a bit cramped, even with just displays, buttons had no chance

So after having my ‘enlightenment’ moment, I basically binned (well shelved) the current build idea, and moved onto the next. Creating a working model as quick as possible without worrying about ‘asthetics’ and leaving room for the project to grow or change.


So onto the new chapter!