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*Picture heavy post*

Whilst I’m waiting for the new quicker motors for my agitation stick, I thought I’d do a quick ‘process of order’ so people can understand what the machine is trying to help with. I’ve missed a couple of steps out but it shows the jist of the machine starting up and selecting a development program.

So the idea first is place the temp senders in the waterbath and in one of the chemicals (Fixer is a good one as it’s used last. This means by the time you remove the sensor to use the fixer you don’t need to put it back in the chemical as the process will be finished.) Temps are shown on screen and updated every second.

On machine startup, you are presented with the option to pick which development process you want.

The below image just shows the relay. It’s an 8 channel relay and controls the 12v for lights and agitation motor.

You would then select your development process by pressing the right button.

Once chosen, all the other lights will switch off (relays) and you are reminded of what you chose.

The LCD then just confirms the selection and tells you what chemical set to use.

It then tells you what temp you need to set the waterbath too. At this point the main arduino is waiting for a signal from the small temperature arduino, telling it that the temp is at 24 degrees.

When the temp is 24, or whatever you have set, 38 for c41 etc, the Start button will light. I’ve also added a buzzer incase you don’t want to wait over the machine until the temp has been reached if the water is cold to start.

You then press start, I forgot to take an image, so once start is pressed, it asks you to pour in the developer, or chosen chemical, then Press start again to trigger the countdown and agitation if needed.

It then counts down on screen and also on an easy to see 7 segment display. The screen shows when agitation is due and when in progress.

The blue light also indicates when this is happening. At the end of a process, the buzzer will sound, red light will come on and it shows instructions on what chemical to add next.

Hope this helps to understand the process a bit better!