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Changing motor on Agitation

Changing motor on Agitation

Well initial testing of the machine is going well. I am currently sorting out timing for some common Dev processes I use and I’ve even added a buzzer to signal as well as the light when chemicals need changed etc.

I realised something with the agitation though. The rotation was too slow for my liking. I haven’t got to the point of testing it with film yet, but at 12rpm I knew it turned too slow to emulate a realistic attempt at someone manually ‘twiddling’ the agitation stick.

Not the end of the world. I went back on ebay and found virtually the same motor but 60rpm. This should be fine, fast enough to do 1 turn for every 1 second of agitation, but not too quick as to foam the chemicals, effect development speed too much.

As with anything good on ebay they are from China, so it’s a waiting game for a couple of weeks.

In the meantime I am going to dress the machine up a little with some labels whilst I wait.

I will be first testing the machine properly with some pretty basic tools.

I’ll be developing a roll of Ilford HP5+ or FP4+ in Ilfosol 3, my ‘jack of all trades’ mono developer.

It will be shot at box speed using a Pentax Program A with 50mm 1.7.

So all in all, a basic film/dev/camera combo just to check stuff works before moving onto some C41.