homebrew processors and film camera love



Well after deciding against building a fully automated processor (read previous article) I have decided on using the same style of control for my machine.

I want it to look a bit retro, 70’s style push button kind. I started a mockup on paper (I prefer a sketch to using a computer for rough designs) and I came up with the above.

It’s subject to change, as with everything but the core features are there, seven segment displays for temp and timers, LCD panels for summary and for instructions.

Cool games panel from Pinterest

For the main buttons, I found this cool games control panel off pinterest. I love the light up buttons as they seem very 70s sci-fi and will work well. I am not gonna bother trying to power LED’s through the arduino. They are 12v so Im simply gonna wire the lights to a relay and switch on the correct lights when needed. The button presses will just be normal arduino button code.

For the body of the panel, the same pinterest post eventually led me to a manufacturer called Retex that make these awesome custom control boxes for customised projects, like intercoms. They aren’t cheap at around £27, but when they look that retro I don’t really care 🙂