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Control Panel – Lighty up buttons!

Control Panel – Lighty up buttons!

After my earlier post, and the realisation that not everything was going to fit, I threw all asthetic designs for a panel out the window and went with a basic but functional tupperware box lol !

My pretty light up buttons came from AliExpress as I couldn’t find the ones I wanted on ebay. They are all push to make and 12v lights, so I can use the same PSU for the relay-powered items. It also means I can power both arduinos through a 12v-5v cigarette lighter style adapter, all with the same 12v psu.

The buttons themselves are easy to use, just print some labels out on acetate sheet (the old overhead projector stuff) using a toner-based printer and then cut them out and fit under the push button.

Wiring them can seem a little daunting if you don’t solder much, but I used to restore arcade machines, and they are all wired the same, with a common earth (ground). Each push button’s ground is soldered to each other, then the final one goes to the arduino ground or ‘GND’ in code speak.

Messy but easy to find issues

The 12v lights, all again have a common SEPARATE 12v GROUND (dont blow your arduino up lol) and the 12v positive’s are all linked to the relay. Each light is then controlled by the relay/arduino and lights up relevant to what you press or what dev sequence is going on.

Relay powers all 12v stuff.

I have also fitted two lights as well, a blue one which lights when agitation is going on, and a red one to show when a dev-stage is finished and the chemicals will need changing, this will also have a buzzer eventually.

The wiring looks a little ‘hotch potch’ but its easier to track and find faults having all easily accessible, rather than behind a tiny panel.

A mess but easy to fault-trace

Now that everything is together, I wired them up and ran some basic code just to test all the lights worked, and I also made a text note of that arduino wire is what relay and button to make future coding easier to reference.