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Don’t Buy Polaroids on Ebay

Don’t Buy Polaroids on Ebay

The days of finding bargain expensive cameras at car boot sales have gone now. Most sellers now google before flogging stuff, any expensive gear ends up on ebay or at auctions and the rest of the tat makes it to the boot stall, along with all the half missing jigsaws and 1980s brass table ornaments. This isn’t the case for Polaroids though, well at the minute. I used to like car boots but these days except for toys for the little one, I rarely bother. Too much low end tat and too many people over-haggling for the sake of a couple of quid.

Anyway, with Polaroids, despite the re-release of the film, many people still don’t know this and therefore there are still plenty of the 80/90’s 600 format ones knocking about.

I picked up the one in the image above for £5, In virtually unused condition. Polaroid film has always been expensive, so you normally find alot of the cameras were used over xmas, then never again when people realised it was nearly £20 for 10 pictures. (or £17.99 for 8 now)

I’ve seen polaroids on ebay from £20-100 for similar kit, just because the film has been rereleased (well been out a while, but the Polaroid Originals rebrand has made a big difference). Whilst I normally don’t mind buying cameras off ebay if their sensibly priced, I would say there are just far too many polaroids out there so its worth the risk of visiting your local sunday car boot and try your luck. Amongst the usual rubbish, instamatics and 110 cameras, I bet you’ll find at least one polaroid where the seller just thinks its a relic and will let you have it cheap.

It’s very rare these days to find any mju’s or other 80s 90s compacts that haven’t been sold on but polaroids are still plentiful.

I quite like the new Polaroid Original’s branding, whilst the film is still expensive it has improved alot from the early Impossible stuff to a point where its nearly as good as the original 90’s stuff.


Better branding and better chemical mix now


It’s still poor quality compared to real 35mm, but that was never the point of Instant photography. The same goes for Instax cameras, my 3 yr old has one and loves it. It’s more about fun than serious photography. It worries me sometimes when people ‘specialise’ in it. You’ll never get decent results unless your going for the ‘arty’ look.


Some women from our local Ice Cream makers


They are ideal for spur of the moment stuff and people who like to do ‘scrapbooking’. I do like messing with them, but will only use them outdoors. Even from a distance, inside with the flash on, people resemble them aliens out the 80s film ‘Cocoon’.

I don’t see the point of spending a fortune on an SX70 either?, polaroid film has its limitations. Its perfect for the plastic lens 600 cameras, but using an SX70 with instant film is the equivalent of using a fancy Nikon camera and letting my 3 year old paint what she ‘thinks’ the image will turn out like.

SX70, Pinnacle of Pointless Hipster Cameras

If you can find a working sx70 for cheap, like £30 then great, use it. If not, I would personally recommend just finding a £5 80s or 90s plastic special. They are built like a tank, plentiful and very rarely suffer damaged lenses etc due to the folding style. If you get sick of spending the money on film, then just flog it as ‘rare’ on ebay for £50. Some spanner will buy it.