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Full Auto – Let’s start

Full Auto – Let’s start

Firstly, I think I must do a few apologies first to some people. As with most Internet websites/ideas, I got a bit lost off with this one in 2019, mainly due to discovering a love for motorbikes (Doing my UK full test) and family life. Analog photography for me in 2019 took a bit of a back seat, since selling off alot of my unwanted gear earlier in that year.

It’s 2020 now, So where are we?

Well I’m back on my ‘mini projects’, that means Analog photography and a bit leather craft (don’t ask)

What now? and wheres the how to for the semi auto machine?

Good question, I was a bit of a sod and never got round to doing a how to. I stated from the beginning I wasn’t going to do a step by step guide, But I did promise a quick over view and the source code for the project. I will try and get that together first before moving on with the full system.