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It works!, First Test Run, with Video

It works!, First Test Run, with Video

Well after a bit of a wait for some chemicals, I decided to make a very boring 15 minute video showing the entire process of the first time using the ‘Developist’ to actually process some film. I’d recommend watching it full screen to see all the text on displays etc.

If you just want to see the results, you can skip to the last 30 seconds, or I’ve posted a few shots below.

The film was rpx 100, done in Ilfosol3 at 24 degrees for 4 minutes. I was going to do the normal 5min 20 degress, but we have a mini heatwave here in the UK, hence is was easier to keep the higher temperatures.

A few things need adjustment, like maybe I need to add some consideration for the time it takes to empty/fill chemicals, maybe a mini countdown or similar.

A few mistakes were made as you can see in the video, but overall I was happy with the results.

I really like RPX100, it may be rebranded something, like most rollei products but it just seems a little finer than FP4+ at box speed.

Anyway heres some test shots scanned in yesterday. No light room or anything, just photoshop to touch up the dust marks