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Konica – AA35 Rare and Fun

Konica – AA35 Rare and Fun

Not sure where to start with this one. I aquired it by accident really. I part ex’ed it for a roll of expired Vision2 200T, after I ordered it by accident from a dodgy Israel ebay seller after thinking it was 500T (Don’t ask). They are currently selling on ebay for £70-£200 as of Jan 2018 depending on condition. Most seem to be broken in one way or another and well used. So their either well loved or craply built.

The flash on mine is dead but I try to avoid using the flash anyway on compacts unless inside at night. It’s lens is 24mm so guessing that would be 48mm (50mm) comparable to normal 35mm.

The good thing about it is that the film loads vertically unlike other half frame cameras and thats why I like it. You get twice as many pictures as a normal 35mm but the right way round. So you don’t feel like a ponce like you would rotating a standard halfframe for most pictures you take. That’s a bit like 6×4 120 cameras I never understood. You’ve got all that medium format space so why waste it with 6×4?

Using the camera is very easy, load film, set iso and pull open and shoot. It auto focuses pretty well and rewinding the film is easy enough.

If your buying one, other compacts like the XA series, mju lot and Pentax PC35AFM are better in my opinion but this is still fun to use and better when you want more photos, not necessarily less is more.

Ideal festival camera if your not wanting to take a smartphone incase you lose it.

At current pricing I personally wouldn’t bother unless you can get a one cheap or part ex like I did. There fun but not worth the price tag.

That being said, this is alot easier to use than most older 60’s half frames and less of a faff than an Olympus Pen or other hipster over priced stuff.