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Main Arduino ‘Brain’

Main Arduino ‘Brain’

Now that the temperature section was more or less done, I moved back onto the main board.

As mentioned, I purchased a chinese mega for the main board. And again on forums whilst asking for basic help I was constantly bombared with ‘up their own ar*e’ comments about why the mega is mega overkill for the project.

My answer was quite simple, it was only £10 and it adds plenty of future expansion without having to pull my project to bits.

Anyway, as mentioned previously in the first coding post, I paid someone for the agitation coding and the rest I put together myself with the use of tutorials, youtube videos and examples.

I’ve added a 7segment display for the general timer as it’s easier to see. Although it will be displayed on the big LCD as well, I want to keep the LCD more for general instructions throughout the dev process.

I tested the basic functions with a few small LED’s and push buttons.

I’ll be mainly using a relay for the lights, etc and this is easily controlled as well through the mega.

A short post!, but most was covered in the first coding post. All I have really added is a refined timer, and code for the instructions really.