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Make Your Own – Part 1 – Bits & Downloads

Make Your Own – Part 1 – Bits & Downloads

Here as promised is a rough overview to building a semi-automated system (And I mean rough). I must apologise as I haven’t got the time to do a step-by-step guide.

In order to build this, you will need to learn some basic Arduino coding, just to get an understanding of the code.

Parts List (all off ebay or amazon)

1x Arduino Uno or chinese copy
1x Arduino Mega or chinese copy
3x TM1637 7-Segment, 4-Digit Displays
1x 4X20 CHAR HD44780 IC2 LCD Screen
2x DS18B20 Waterproof Temperature Sensors and the 4.7 resistors to go with them
1x Chinese slow geared (30 or 60rpm) motor for the dev tank
1x 8 Channel relay with arduino compatibility
2x Generic small breadboards

And a ton of male to male and male to female connector wires and a 5v and 12v external power supply.

I haven’t included a parts list for my light up buttons as alot of people won’t want this. If you don’t want to add this, you could get away with far less relays needed as most just powered the lights for the selection buttons. For my light up buttons, I used 12v light up buttons and powered them with a 12v power supply. This was then wired into the relay. Loads of how to’s cover these on the net.

If you dont want this, then please just comment out in the code the sections where it turns relays on for lights (These are pins on the MEGA, 32-38 if you are following my code exactly)


*Very Important* – This guide omits the basics of arduino stuff, such as basic Ground Pin wiring, using Breadboards and using external 5V power supplies (the arduinos don’t have enough power to power everything themselves). PLEASE PLEASE have a good read up first and a play with some basic code (making LEDs light up, basic Delay commands etc) before attempting the below as its very easy to become disheartened if you haven’t covered the basics. You wouldn’t put straight in for a driving test if you haven’t learnt to drive a car would you?


Pins I’ve used

To make sure things work if you are just plainly using my code without editing, this is the pinouts guide

Arduino Uno – Temp

2-Temp Sensor ‘OneWire’ to the DS18B20 setup
3-Display 1 CLK Pin (Water temp display)
4-Display 1 DIO Pin
5-Display 2 CLK Pin (Chemical temp display)
6-Display 2 DIO Pin
8-Signal Pin to Arduino Mega for Mono Temp
9-Signal Pin to Arduino Mega for Colour Temp

Arduino Mega – Timer, Motors and Buttons

SDA – 4X20 Display
SCL – 4X20 Display
8-Timer 4 Digit DIO Pin
9-Time 4 Digit CLK Pin
23-Buzzer Pin
24-Signal Temp Pin from Temperature Arduino Uno (Mono)
25-Signal Temp Pin from Temperature Arduino Uno (C41/Colour)
27-Mono Stand Push Button
28-Mono Push Button
29-C41 Push Button
30-E6 Push Button
31-Start Push Button
32-RELAY – C41 Button Light
33-RELAY – E6 Button Light
34-RELAY – Mono Stand Button Light
35-RELAY – Mono Button Light
36-RELAY – Start Button Light
37-RELAY – Agitation Light
38-RELAY – Cycle End Light
39-RELAY – Agitation Motor

You can change these pins if you wish, just update the code.

Downloads & Software Information

SOURCE CODE DOWNLOAD (Arduino programs, 6kb zip)

Software needed

I made these using Arduino IDE 1.8.5. This is old hat these days. The newer versions should work, but if you have problems with plugins, maybe find the old version?

The plugins libraries needed for these 2 programs are easy to find. Most are in the built-in library of the IDE software. Please google if you can’t find the others, I didn’t want to offer a download of these as they aren’t my work and don’t want to take credit for them.