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MJU II – Change of Heart

MJU II – Change of Heart

*Generic coffeeshop camera pic, its the law to do one on instagram 🙂 *

If you haven’t read my first ramblings on this little plastic camera, please check it out here, prior to reading this.

I’ve had a change of heart with this little plastic toy

Back late last year, I got a bargain broken MJU2 off ebay which I had no real interest in and intended to flog for a profit. After fixing it, the prices of MJU2s fell quite a bit so I decided to keep hold of it. I also kept it as I snapped one of the screw mounts, meaning you have to be a little careful when replacing the battery. With all the idiots on ebay these days I didn’t want to risk a return or some sod wanting a refund, even if I declared the fault.

So it sat there for a few months, then after having a free afternoon I decided to try it out in my local town of Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

Apologies but at present I can’f find the negs lol, but they actually turned out quite good. Outside, even with some very average Lomography 400 colour (it was cheap) I got back some very good shots, all in focus.

My earlier post said the focus was a bit hit/miss. This was mainly based on an inside test film, therefore I’m putting this mis-diagnosis on poor lighting.

I then used the same film and took my 3 yr old out on her newish bike. Basic pictures but even with this basic film, they turned out nice and every one was in focus.

Lomography 400 – Cheap basic film but nice results

The prices they command seem to still be a bit ‘overhyped, overpriced’ but I have changed my view and I’m happy I have one in my collection now. I still wouldnt pay £200 for one, but some seem to appear for around £100 for a good model, and to be honest if I didn’t have this one and had the cash, I would probably buy one for around this price.

My view still hasn’t changed on build quality though. They are light, plasticy and flimsy. Look after them!

I’ve since sold my XA/XA2/XA3 as for compacts they were a bit too much of a faff on, even with zone focusing.

This one allows me to do what I want a compact for. Last minute quick family outings, and street photography without feeling like a total berk (english for idiot/out of place) for carrying round a big SLR taking random photos of strangers. You can be more of a ninja with the MJU!