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A Modern Favourite – EOS 30/33/Elan7

A Modern Favourite – EOS 30/33/Elan7

For me, the EOS/30/33/Elan7 is the perfect ‘Jack of all trades’ camera.

It was introduced pretty late in the film scene of the late nineties, hence has almost any film setting you could ever want on it. It takes any EF canon lens, even ones made today. I bought my 1.8 50mm new from Currys only a few weeks ago.

Small-ish when paired with a smaller lens, not the 28-105 here.

It is pretty small for a modern SLR, depending on the lens fitted.

It’s still cheap, I have 3 bodies and all were under £40.

It has 95% of the features of the more expensive EOS3 and 1 series cameras but it smaller and ALOT cheaper.

The AF is quick, even in lowish light, and has 7 focus points. Why you would want 45 like the EOS3 is beond me?

It shoots quick, and accurate, the servo AF is great for moving stuff like kids. You can set everything manually or leave it in auto.

The info display is nice and clear and shows everything you could ever want, just shame it’s not backlit like the posher EOS’

Plenty of info

The built in flash is adequate for general pictures, or it’ll take a speedlite for extra.

Quite a beast fully loaded

The battery grip means you can use AA batteries and I use the grip nearly all the time unless I’m in tourist mode and haven’t took a pentax ME/Super A.


Battery grip transforms it for the better

To the rear is a decent sized viewfinder with diopter adjustment for people with specs or dodgy eyes. Plenty of controls as well if you need them.

It’s a very simple camera to use if you don’t want all the complicated stuff, but can be used semi-professionally as well with all the available settings.

Only faults

Film door clip is flimsy so be careful shutting the back!

Battery door is flimsy but using a battery grip removes this issue.

No backlight on display

Would I recommend this camera? Yes, its the best modern film SLR I’ve used. I sold my EOS3 and kept this. It does nearly everything its £200 brother does but at a 6th of the price and isn’t a brick to carry around.

The EOS30/33/Elan7 are all basically the same, but some have eye focus which I dont use. The AF is good enough without it.

Need more info? Check out Analog Insight’s great review on it. These guys are great on youtube and have more  technical knowledge than I ever will.

What Lens?

Everyone asks this and the answers how long is a piece of string! Depends what you need. I avoid daft high zoom lens. Personally I use a 50mm 1.8 lens most of the time, just the £100 nifty fifty. I also have a 28-105mm USM lens. This IMHO is the best walkaround lens canon made. Same glass as some of the L lenses but much cheaper. Just make sure you get the later 7 blade aperture one for better Bokeh!

Example shots, 50mm lens, Cinestill 800t and RPX400

Horizontal Interference – Lumiere Durham – Cinestill 800T @ 500
Horizontal Interference – Lumiere Durham – Cinestill 800T @ 500
Illumaphonium – Lumiere Durham – Cinestill 800T @ 500
Evie @ Xmas – RPX 400