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Olympus MJUII – Worth It?

Olympus MJUII – Worth It?

Is it small? – yes, Does it take good pictures? – yes, Is it worth the current price tag it commands – hell no.

I picked this one up for £15 off ebay lately, knackered, like most of them out there. I took a gamble as the listing stated the shutter was jammed. I found this article on flickr about the same problem.

Article on Flickr Forums

Basically if dropped a tiny plastic clip next to the motor can come unstuck. I just carefully clipped it back in and screwed the camera back together. If your doing this follow the guys instructions about the flash capacitor. Be very careful with the screws too, I am used to fixing delicate things and even I broke one of the 4 screw holes by very slightly overtighening it.

Anyway once done, it seemed to fire straight up and I ran a scrap test roll of HP5+ through (Dont like HP5+ so like wasting what rolls I have left 🙂 )

Not bad considering it was rush-stand developed in r09 and scanned before being fully dry. This was a low lit bedroom with the flash on. I’m not a fan of HP5+, prefer RPX 400 it seems to have a better grain, but thats my view, I’m no film emulsion expert lol.

Anyway back to the camera, it does take good photos but the AF isn’t bang on the money all of the time. The front lens comes out too far imho after you press the shutter button so any slight movement will knock the AF chosen focus off.

The main annoyance is the flash on by default, for me this most annoying. Other compacts like the PC35AFM have a reminder if the light is too low. If you want a quick snapshot, usually of something happening quickly like kids doing something, you’ll end up with the flash on as you’ll not have the time to knock it off.

Another issue, if you want a custom iso, you’ll either have to fool the DX system with some metal tape or stick with the default 100. I can also see this camera being a pain with self-loaded film. Remember, this camera was developed to be ultra simple to use, with off the shelf film you’d find in the late 90’s. It’s not built for the arty farty film crowd of today.

That being said it is growing on me. My plan was to fix and sell on for a profit seeing what the prices were upto (£200 for a basic camera as of Nov 2017). However, prices have dipped a little as people start to have a little common sense after xmas and realise it’d be stupid to buy a plastic compact for £200. I think I will keep it now. It is growing on me as mentioned, and will be handy for days when I can’t be bothered to take the PC35AFM with me.

They are cheaply made and can break easily just like all the faulty MJU Zooms you see on ebay. Unlike 80s XA’s etc the electronics just aren’t as well built. Beware of this.

Do I recommend you go out and buy one? Yes!, but only if you can find a sensibly priced one or take a chance with a possible shutter fault spares/repairs. They are nice but just don’t warrant the rediculous price tag. You could get a mint condition Canon EOS 3 body for the same money.