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Olympus XA – Bit of a Faff

Olympus XA – Bit of a Faff

The Olympus XA was the first of the XA lineup in the 80’s. I’m not gonna rant on about its specs as just about every other hipster analogue site has already done that.

It’s a rangefinder with a decent lens in a compact body. I personally think this is where it starts to go wrong.

Yes it takes lovely pictures and lets you set aperture etc but to me it’s a compact, and all that goes against what a compact should be.

I personally buy a compact to take away on holidays, shoot pictures of my kid, family and other stuff when I want to capture the moments without spending 30 minutes deciding the right light needed or shutter speed, aperture. The range finder is good for scenery but a pain for moving targets, eg. kids. Also a bit pointless as its only 3m-Infinity anyway.

If I wanted to do all that, I would just take along a decent small SLR like my EOS 30 or Pentax ME/Super A.

Don’t get me wrong it’s very well engineered and I’m sure the ‘I use manual settings to slow down the process’ kind of person will love it.

It’s personally just not for me. I’m keeping it though anyway seeing as I got it off ebay as it was listed as an XA3 by mistake so got it for a fraction of the price.

If you want a more ‘compact’ compact, the XA2 and XA3 are great for this.