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Prototype Nearly Finished

Prototype Nearly Finished

Yey!, my prototype is nearly finished with the exception of auto temp starting!, well in the shed anyway. Not actually tested it with film yet.

It may look a bit of a mess, but the logic is that once it’s refined, I’ll think of a better housing etc. At this point, I can easily move wires, adjust kit and reprogram without any hassle or dismantling.

So a quick tour!

Temp dials

Ok, first the temp modules are fitted at the top for easy visual reference. I havent labelled them yet but the idea is you just plonk the sensors in the chemicals or water bath and they read the temps. I havent linked the two arduinos yet to trigger an ‘auto start’ system but will do in the near future.

Two main displays

Next, the two main displays that will show instructions, and the main development timer for visual reference when the machine is running.

The chinese mega with relay below it

I’ve then mounted the arduino at the side for each USB access for reprogramming if needed. Note I’ve hot glued the wires down when I was 100% sure I was happy where they are. Just as they can easily pop out when kit is moved.

Dev tank wired up

I’ve then wired the dev tank up, which connects via a removeable 12v DC lead. The tank will sit in the waterbath, with the top electrics and lid well-above the water line.

The whole thing, with light up control panel

The panel, although scruffy looking serves the basic purpose and the light up buttons work well.

The blue light lights on agitation as well.

Agitation in progress

Now that the machine is built, I’ll start on the proper coding for the basic processes.