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Sold some cameras, and another MJU2

Sold some cameras, and another MJU2

We’re still alive

It’s been a little while since I’ve wrote anything on The Developist, but like all websites ran by normal people, life can sometimes get in the way. I’ve had house renovations to do which take priority over photography which is just a hobby for me.

So whats happened camera wise since late summer? Well I’ve been rationalising my hobby as everyone does and I asked the question ‘What do I really want to do with analogue photography?’

As with most hobbies, I’d bought a ton of cameras, wanted to experiment with everything and all the kinds of Chemistry and in the end I’ve answered this question below.

*Disclaimer* – These are my own personal views, and seeing as everyone gets offended so easily these days just bare that in mind. In other words, stop being a softy.

Thing’s I’ve realised about what I want from photography as a hobby.

  1. I had far too many cameras in too many formats -Hence the below sell off
  2. I don’t need to shoot every type of film to enjoy the hobby
  3. Slide film is overated and for what I use slide/colour will be an occasional ‘niche’ rarely used
  4. If your shooting only a few rolls a month and want to use Motion picture film, just buy some premade rolls or Cinestill 800T. Its good and saves all the remjet palarva.
  5. Polaroid cameras are still as crap and film still as expensive as I remember them 20 year ago, the picture quality is awful and apart from my daughters instax, they’ve all gone.
  6. The camera phone will always accompany my film camera. – If I’m taking important ‘family’ shots then I’ll always take a phone just incase. It’s just not worth losing images of precious moments if a film isn’t developed right, lost, exposed wrong etc.
  7. Most facebook film groups can be full of pretentious people who want everything to be ‘pure’. Sure, use them for inspiration but avoid commenting and generally winding yourself over stupid comments and general know it all idiots.
  8. Read the photography blogs on the net. Many still include alot of film info and unlike facebook there generally sensibly written and not overhyped.

Well thats it for that, back to cameras!

The Big Sell Off

I realised in the winter, I had far too many cameras. I’d bought too many and would never use them all. So I thought which ones do I actually use or want to use?

The answer was

Pentax Program A – Nice Balance of Price v Features

Despite having Super A’s as well, the program A has grown on me a lot in recent months. It just ‘feels’ right. It has more features than my ‘ME’ and despite less than the Super A, I feel that this is keeping my hobby low cost but enjoyable. I have two bodies at present and seem to be able to pick them up for less than £20 if you look correctly.

Pentax ME Super – Soft spot for these.

As above, I have a soft spot for the ME Super as it was the first SLR I really used in this hobby. The Program A is a bit easier to use, but the ME Super has an easier to use light meter and they are still fairly low cost. I need a backup body as all I have at present is my black one which works but isn’t 100%

XA 2- £10 bargain and great alternative to MJU2

Despite hating the XA, The xa2 has grown on me. I took it on holiday and it performed flawlessly. The pictures were comparable to the SLR I was using. I’m trying to get out of the compact side of the hobby but I’m keeping this one. Why not an mju2 you ask? This is MUCH cheaper, MUCH better built and takes just as good a photo from what I’ve used. I just use it without the flash for ourdoor candid stuff.

Cameras that have gone

I sold my Canon EOS entire batch, It was getting too ‘easy’ to shoot with everything on auto, including focus, which was removing why I wanted to use film in the first place. Great cameras but not what I want long term.

Pentax compacts and MJU’s have gone, despite them having no faults, I just wanted out the compact side of things, bar the well made xa2.

Polaroids – As mentioned, they just aren’t for me, for ‘spur of the moment’, I prefer a mobile phone camera, not a washed out poor image that costs nearly £3 a shot.

Will I buy anymore?

Who knows, probably, but only if they are cheap. The prices are getting silly for everything now.

Another MJU2

Whilst browsing ebay one day in November I came across the usual broken MJU2 listings. As mentioned they are very fragile cameras and more are broken than working. I seen one for only £20 so took a chance, hoping it was just the easy fix lens issue. It was a total pot luck. When it arrived, it worked fine, except the little window at the back which shows what film you have in. Some tape fixed this, you probably dont even need the tape but I’m a little paranoid.

Working fine, £20 mju2 in 2019 is good going

So will I keep it? Simple answer….. no. I’ve already sold it for a nice profit. I didn’t go silly on ebay, yes theres loads offered for £200, but is actually anyone paying that? No. It sold for a good price, I am happy at over £100 profit and the new buyer still got a fully working mju2 for much less than the rest. I sold my earlier one for a similar price. I like MJU2’s but I always seem to wrestle with the fact theres nearly £200 on my shelf that I won’t use much. Seems better cash in my pocket.