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Best Camera Ever Made?

Best Camera Ever Made?

Well if your a 10 year old boy in 1992 and are going on a family holiday to Blackpool in a few weeks time then yes it is!

Back in the late eighties and early nineties, if you were a family of normal means (eg. above the breadline but just) the chances were, you would take most of your holiday pictures with some form of 110 camera. 35mm cameras were only for ‘posh’ relatives, the kind who didn’t have to get the coach to their usual holiday spots. Scarborough, and Blackpool being two such Northern England holiday retreats.

Until the early 90’s, I had always been given a hand me down camera, usually my sisters old unbranded Hanimex or other argos relic. They worked, but of course the pictures weren’t fantastic and thats if they turned out at all.

Anyway after moaning I didn’t have one, my parents got me a Halina PIX 110T, I’m assuming from Argos as thats where everyone got everything at the time. No Internet or specialist shops local to us.

It sported a flash (the ready bulb didnt work but my dad lost the receipt so I had to just count to 5 before trying to take a picture) manual wind and a cool Normal or Telephoto option. I have to admit, being 10 I never really understood all this.

But I was over the moon, and truth be told it took some pretty good photos that year. (If I find any I’ll scan them in)

Now in 2018/19, 110 film is pretty scarce. The Lomography lot made a short re-release of it in 2012, although with the exception of a couple of HongKong ebay retailers its pretty clear they haven’t made any new stock for ages. I personally don’t like buying expired film unless I know hows it been kept.

I bought a 3 pack and its in the deep freeze at present. I got the camera off ebay too for £2.99 inc postage as my original was tossed years ago.

I think this summer will be the time to try this out. I’m not risking my proper holiday photos on this stuff but I’ll deffo try and get a few nice shots out and about.

Watch this space.